Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Holiday's @ MOMS® Club Irvine-Central

MOMS® Club Irvine-Central is giddy with excitement gearing up for this Holiday Season. Thanksgiving is around the corner and we will be celebrating it potluck style! Hanukkah and Christmas is not too far off either. Aww, take a deep breath, a step back and reflect. Can you feel it? There's a chill in the air, and by chill I mean the good kind of chill, the kind of chill that nips at your nose, brings out the scarfs and holiday sweaters from the dark corners of your closet, that perfect crispy chill apt for putting one in the Holiday spirit!

This year, here at MOMS® Club we are adopting a family from Families Forward. Families Forward is our local non-profit community supported agency. Each year it provides an abundance of services to Families that might find themselves struggling. Of those services, adopting a family is one option. To adopt a family means to pledge and guarantee to fulfill the Holiday wish-list of the pertinent family.

Here at MOMS® Club Irvine-Central we believe in being charitable to others and we believe that our children can and will learn a great deal from that. I have to say it is very uplifting to see what a caring group we've got going here. As soon as the Families Forward wish-list went out to our members, they moved into action! The response we received was incredible. I just have to say we are going to make our adoptive family, one happy family this Holiday Season!

I wish I could recognize all our charitable donors by name, here, on our blog but alas one must follow club policy.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays! :)